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Market Timing Signal
  Current Signal: Bull Market
  Date Signal Turned Bullish: 3/27/2009
  Date Signal Updated: 5/21/2018
The most up to date signal is available to subscribers.
The signal is updated weekly by Signaltrend's proprietary algorithm.
Closing prices for first trading day after the 3/27/2009 signal change:
  DJIA: 7522.02
  S&P 500: 797.87
  NASDAQ: 1551.6
Are we in a Bull Market or a Bear Market?
About the Signal...
  • Forecasts Major Turning Points in the U.S. Stock Market
  • Unemotional Computer Generated Signals
  • Successfully Backtested over One Hundred Years
  • Excellent Results Since Going Live on March 10, 2005

Is the Primary Trend of the broad U.S. Stock Market in a Bull Market or
Bear Market? A remarkable stock market forecast algorithm was
produced by SignalTrend Inc, the owner of ForecastChart.com.
It's  design is to answer that very important question.

SignalTrend uses artificial Intelligence to forecast major turning points in
the U. S. Stock Market. The forecast is either a Bull Market Signal (
or a Bear Market Signal (
down). This mathematical system performed
very well in a one hundred year backtest and also in real time since
going live in 2005 (see below).

SignalTrend's Bull Market / Bear Market timing signal was developed
through years of stock research and thoroughly back-tested over one
hundred years, (1900 through 3/10/2005). The result nearly tripled the
annual price gains of the Dow.

This Bull Market & Bear Market forecast signal went live March 10, 2005.
The results have been impressive. From 3/11/2005 through 4/27/2012,
the system produced a price gain of 57% by trading the DJIA.
A buy and hold strategy on the Dow would have gained only 22%.

The core of this stock trading system is a versatile model that identifies
major turning points in the overall stock market. Hundreds of analytical
equations were crafted to provide objective, unemotional Bull Market and
Bear Market signals. The forecast is either Up or Down. SignalTrend is
designed to multiply your profits during both Bull and Bear markets as an
alternative to Buy and Hold investing. Its signals forecast a Bullish or
Bearish outlook for the Broad U.S. Stock Market.

Many investors try to buy near major bottoms and sell near major
market tops. (Buy low and sell high.) Unfortunately, major stock market
bottoms are typically characterized by fear or panic. The emotion
prevalent at major tops is a feeling of safety and relative certainty. So,
the investor who invests according to his emotions may buy near tops
in times of security and sell near bottoms in times of fear.

The equations produced by SignalTrend know not fear or greed. They
just make the same numerical calculations each week... searching for
conditions associated with major market tops and bottoms of the past.

Signaltrend's stock market timing system generates every signal based
on in-depth investment research. SignalTrend backtested well over an
entire century…a century that included the Great Depression, the
Cyclic 70’s, the Crashes of ‘87 &  9/11... And the equations performed
well in real time during the Bear Market of 2007-2008.

The most up to date signal is available to subscribers.

I wish for you the greatest of success!

J. C. Phillips
President of SignalTrend Inc. and editor of SignalTrend's web properties.

P. S.
As impressive as the results of Signaltrend's equations have been, there
is something I must say. A system may perform well for a decade and
then fail during the following decade. I have attempted to reduce that
possibility by testing the system over an entire century. Only time will tell
if I have succeeded. A system could succeed for 50 years and then give
up all those profits in year 51.

Here is the problem: Timing systems assume that a man  can tell the
future, at least to some degree.  This, I can not do. The only one who
can know the future is the one who has the power to control the future.
This is the domain of one who is greater than mere man . . .

What if the stock market exhibits behavior over the next decade
which is different from that which occurred over the last century? Will
Signaltrend's timing system produce wealth or disaster? I don't know.
Unfortunately, that is the reality of this world. A certain route to the office
may have been safe for many years. It may not be tomorrow.  

If you use Signaltrend's stock market timing system, I hope that you
benefit greatly from it. But, my greatest wish is that you seek and find
that which is of infinitely greater value. I believe that one's faith should
be in something greater than a mathematical system. I also believe that
there is great reward in faith that is well placed! But this also, can not
be proven. More of my thoughts along these lines may be found in the
note from the editor on the Unemployment Forecast page. Again, I
wish for you the greatest of success!