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Forecast-Chart.com provides objective, unemotional computer generated
forecasts for stock indexes, interest rates, currencies, and the US economy.

Hundreds of Financial Charts and Forecasts!
At Forecast-Chart.com, you'll find hundreds of financial charts and forecasts.
Five year charts, ten year charts and charts covering many decades are shown
for stock indexes, currencies, interest rates and the economy. The
longest term chart is one hundred and seven years for the Dow Jones Industrial

Graphic History of the Financial Markets
Great efforts have been made to provide an extensive collection of financial
information in graphic form. Just one glance at a long term chart can provide
tremendous insight into the historical behavior of the financial markets.

These pages were designed to help you to chart a better course for your financial
future based on the wisdom gleaned from a graphic history of the financial
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Forecasts, charts and analysis... for stock indexes,
currencies, interest rates, and the economy.

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U.S. Dollar
S&P 500
Prime Rate
Home Prices
Forecast-Chart.com provides forecasts, charts
and statistical commentaries and numerous
data tables for hundreds of financial indexes.
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GNP: US Gross National Product.  
Prime Rate: U.S. Bank Prime Loan Rate.   
DJIA: Dow Jones Industrial Average (monthly close).  
S&P 500: Standard & Poor's 500 (monthly close).
Home Prices: US House Price Index - Purchase Only Index, by the Federal Housing Financing
Inflation: Points above the white line indicate inflation. Points below the white line indicate deflation.
US Dollar: Trade weighted index of the value of the US Dollar by the Economic Research division of
the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.  

Updated March 20,  2019.