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3rd Quarter, 2012 Data: Nevada

The 12 month forecast for Nevada Real Estate prices is in the table at the top
of this page. is forecasting a decline in Nevada Home
Prices of 0.69%. The table shows a HDTFA of 5.15% which suggests that
appreciation rates over the next year for Nevada Real Estate could easily end
up anywhere between 4.46% and -5.83%.  Links to Forecasts for 49 other
states and the District of Columbia may be found on the right side of this page.

The average real estate forecast for all 50 states is 0.17%. So Nevada Real
Estate prices are forecasted to perform similar to the rest of the country. The
highest appreciation rate forecast of all Real estate forecasts at this site is
5.65% for Arizona. The lowest is -4.46% for Georgia.

Historical Home Price Appreciation: Nevada
Last Quarter                         1.21%
Last Year                              -0.4%
Last 5 Years                         -51%
Last 10 Years                       -15%
Last 20 Years                       17%
Decline From All Time High   54.49%

Annual Home Price Appreciation Rates: Nevada
1982      9.14%
1983      -5.94%
1984      2.14%
1985      1.19%
1986      4.39%
1987      0.40%
1988      3.96%
1989      6.16%
1990      7.26%
1991      5.57%
1992      3.14%
1993      2.15%
1994      0.65%
1995      5.31%
1996      1.68%
1997      2.76%
1998      2.68%
1999      0.64%
2000      4.68%
2001      6.77%
2002      6.55%
2003      13.22%
2004      33.86%
2005      17.85%
2006      2.57%
2007      -8.45%
2008      -24.73%
2009      -16.07%
2010      -9.14%
2011      -12.59%

The highest annual appreciation rate in Nevada Real Estate was 37% in the
twelve months ended with the 3rd Quarter of 2004. The worst annual
appreciation rate in Nevada was -25% in the twelve months ended with the 4th
Quarter of 2008.

The highest appreciation in Nevada Real Estate over a three year period was
80% in the three years ended with the 1st Quarter of 2006. The worst
appreciation over a three year period in Nevada was -45% in the three years
ended with the 2nd Quarter of 2010.

This page provides a five year chart of appreciation rates and a forecast for the
Nevada House Price Index. The chart shows the five years ended in the 3rd
Quarter of 2012. For links to longer term charts, look at the links under the five
year chart (above). One link opens a chart showing over thirty years of
historical appreciation rates for Nevada Real Estate. Another opens a graph
showing over thirty years of the Nevada House Price Index. Just one glance at
our long term charts can provide tremendous insight into the historical trends of
residential property values. And those pages contain more than just charts.
You'll find a wealth of other helpful statistics about Nevada Real Estate.

Historical data on the Nevada House Price Index is available back to the first
quarter of 1975. All calculations are based on the quarterly value of the House
Price Index for Nevada.

In this site, you may view the one, five & ten year home appreciation rates for
Nevada and the other 49 states in one convenient table. Click the 50 State
Home Appreciation Rate Table link above. The link is under the Nevada Real
Estate Appreciation Rate Chart at the top of this page. You'll see a snapshot of
historical Home Prices for Nevada as compared to US home appreciation rates.

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Average annual Nevada house appreciation RATE according to the House Price Index (HPI) is
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