Over 1000 Charts & Forecasts
At forecast-chart.com, and our sister sites, you'll find over 1000 financial charts and
forecasts. Five year charts, ten year charts and charts covering many decades are
shown for stock indexes, currencies, interest rates, the economy and real estate (now
at LittleBigHomes.com). The longest term chart is one hundred and seven years for
the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

On the left and right sides of every page, there are 60 blue links to help you find the
forecasts and charts you need. The content you are looking for is at the center of the
page in black and gray. Additional links related to the content are included on each
page... usually at the bottom of each page in blue.

We at forecast-chart.com have gone to great lengths to provide an extensive
collection of financial information in graphic form. Just one glance at a long term chart
can provide tremendous insight into the historical behavior of the financial markets.

We hope that these pages will help you to chart a better course for your financial
future based on the wisdom gleaned from a graphic history of the financial markets.
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