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Market Trend Analysis
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100 Year Chart
Chart of the stock market (Dow Jones Industrial Average & S&P 500), Gross
National Product, Inflation, U. S. Dollar, Prime Rate and Home Values.
Numerous economic, military, political and financial crises are shown on the chart.

Best & Worst Case Scenarios
Best & worst case scenarios for the DJIA, S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100 based
on historical returns. Also includes best, worst, average & current year to date
returns for all three stock market indexes.

Dow Jones Indicators
How much has the stock market been affected historically by a 1% rise in inflation?
How have interest rates, unemployment rates and oil prices affected stocks?
Charts and statistical analysis are presented for over 40 indicators.

Great Depression Stock Chart
Surprisingly close correlation between the present day NASDAQ and the stock
market during the Great Depression.

Home Appreciation Rates
Appreciation rates for the Real Estate Markets in all fifty states for the last quarter,
one, five and ten year periods.

Politics and the Economy
Does the economy perform better under Republicans or Democrats?
Performance for the stock market, inflation, unemployment, and gross national
product under each political party.

Presidential Election Cycle
The stock market has performed better during the last half of Presidential terms.
Returns based on Presidential Election Cycle since 1899.

Secular Trend Indicator (DJIA)
Five to twenty year trend indicator for the Blue Chip U.S. stock market as
represented by the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Secular Trend Indicator (NASDAQ)
Five to twenty year trend indicator for the NASDAQ.

Stock Index Return Scoreboard
Month, year, five & ten year returns for twenty three stock market indexes. (U.S. &
foreign, small cap & large cap indexes).


Money Saving Tips for Families
Tips to help you save money and improve the quality of life in your household.
Helpful financial tools to use in your family.