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Faith is a Gift.
Faith is Free.
If You Don't Have Faith, Ask For It.

My son wasn’t able to continue searching for a job, day after day, because
he was a superstar. He had fifty-nine days of continuous failure. He
continued because he had faith in the One who deserved his trust. He
knew that the One who created him would provide the job. He KNEW the
One who created him. That is why he expected success. You can have
success as well… by faith.

There was a man named Don't Need Help. Don't Need Help was
unemployed and out of money. But he qualified for a monthly
unemployment check from the Government. Don't Need Help went to the
unemployment office. He stood in the line for two hours. When Don't Need
Help stepped up to the front of the line, the lady behind the counter said
"How may I help you".

Don't Need Help said "I Don't Need Help. I've been taking care of myself
all my life. I don't need your help. Besides, you government people are the
ones who screwed everything up and caused me to lose my job."

The lady said "OK. We won't force you to accept our help. We don't want
to turn you into a robot. You have the right to choose. Please stand over
there. Then she said to the next person in the line...  "How may I help you?"

Don't Need Help didn't receive help because he wouldn't ask for it.

If you don’t have the faith to trust Him, then this is what you need
to do… ASK HIM TO GIVE YOU FAITH! You ask. Let Him do the rest.

If you have a little faith, but are still plagued by fear and tension, then ask
Him to multiply your faith. If you just want a little more of Him in your life,
just ask Him to double it or triple it. If you want to soar, ask Him to multiply
your faith ten-thousandfold. Then ask it again. Then, ask it again. And

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