Discouragement: The Deadly Enemy
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Discouragement is the deadly enemy. Being unemployed doesn’t disable
a person. Being discouraged does. When you are discouraged, it is
difficult to look for a job. It is difficult to make the call. It is difficult to be a
convincing candidate for the job. It is difficult to talk to your wife or child
without biting their head off. It is difficult to stay off drugs. It is difficult to get
out of bed.

By now you may have realized that your unemployment problem is bigger
than you are. You have fallen into circumstances that you can not control.
You don’t have the power to “fix it”. You may also have realized that you
don’t have the power to “fix yourself”. You can’t just decide that you will no
longer be discouraged. Being discouraged is miserable. It makes your
stomach hurt. It can make you sick. What you need is faith. Faith is the
answer to discouragement.  Faith is the opposite of discouragement.
Faith feels good, full and peaceful. Faith is free.  You can’t buy it. You can’t
manufacture it.

Here is the problem: If you don’t have faith, how do you get it?

My next suggestion is going to say a little bit about the One who created
the world. If that will offend you, then stop right here. You may believe that
He exists but that He doesn’t "do" anything. You may believe that He has
not done anything since the world came into existence. You may believe
that He just created dust and lightning… That the dust and lightning
naturally changed into things that we know exist… Things like mountains
and oceans, plants and animals, thoughts and emotions. You may think
that He has no influence over politics, business or personal relationships.
You may believe that He sees us struggle and ignores our cries for help.
You may believe that you can run the universe better than He does. You
may believe that it is impossible to feel peace during the storm. You may
believe that you can't enjoy His presence in your life.  If you believe those
things, then don’t click the next link. And by the way, none of the following
pages will ask you to pay for anything. None of the following pages will
give you an opportunity to pay for anything. It’s all free. I’ve been where
you are. I’ve been at the edge.

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